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Welcome to the website of  S.A. Rule, author of the Shaihen Heritage series of imagined histories.

Sue Rule also provides editorial services for fellow writers. She is a singer, songwriter and musician, and a trustee of The Grant Rule Trust.

Contact email: sarule.books@gmail.com 

Enter a new world of fantasy from S.A. Rule:


The Song That Is Forever Sung

‘she’= land ‘haios’='spirit’

In the Shaihen Heritage series, a host of engaging characters collaborate and compete with each other to spread the dream of “she-haios” – The Fair Land.

The Fair Land of “She-haios” is a dream made real. The Spirit of Shehaios represents the mysterious force which created mankind and the world we all live in. Whatever name you call it by, life remains an unsolved mystery and a myriad undiscovered possibilities. In the fertile soil of the land between the seas and the mountains, the people of the Spirit live, love, laugh and argue.  In doing so, they weave the history of the Fair Land.

There are three published books in the Shaihen Heritage series: Cloak of Magic, Staff of Power and Spirit of Shehaios. They are all available in paperback from www.authorsonline.co.uk, Amazon and Waterstones bookstores and on Kindle.

“ …a refreshing and involving story that can be favourably compared to Gemmell and Feist.”